Monday, January 3, 2011

Drum Beat

Drum Beat

By Raederle Phoenix

2006: Senior Year

The beat of the drum
Is the beat in my soul
Is the beat that my feet
Have learned to step to

The beat of my heart
Is the beat in my soul
Is the beat that my feet
Have learned to move to

The beat of the drum
Is the beat in my heart
Is the beat of my feet
As I dance around the fire

The beat of the drum
Is the beat of the fire
Is the beat of my feet
As I dance, and I sire.


by Raederle Phoenix
2006: Senior Year

Raindrops are doomed to fall,
On hot spots where I can call,
A new genesis on the prowl,
To stop and hold still, just stall.

Just like all the wanders of the past,
Who withered, and didn't last,
Who felt small in the long shadows cast;
The masters of the beautiful, the stained glass.

And even though it's very late,
You can still set a new date,
For this new generation's fate,
We're all here just to wait.

And we're waiting in this rain,
And we're feeling all this pain,
Ignored, forming a new stain,
That is doomed to forever remain.

I'm in this teen denomination,
soon to be the working generation.
Starved of the real truth from creation,
by the mass appeal of the nation.

Youths taking E and Blow for elation,
getting these kids on probation,
such a sorry situation,
the illiteracy of this generation.

Even though this is modern democracy,
We all call this blatant hypocrisy,
And they all think it's their legacy,
Their right to a subjective dynasty.

We know the truth, all the lies,
We spread the truth in our cries,
All this deceit, it needs to die,
We need government in which we can rely.

And so there are those who speak out,
And then there are others in doubt,
But it's time to get up and shout,
Oil, money, and greed is not what life is a about!

So grow your own food,
Toss this paper money, crude,
Be nice, don't be rude,
Recycle and keep a good mood.

Because this is for the poor,
Who deserve so much more.
Because this is for the gay,
Who aren't at fault for being that way.

Because this is for the Jews,
Who were taken from their houses,
Locked up and killed like mouses,
Who were stripped of their rights,
And killed if they were to fight.

So it's time to stand up for what's right,
It's time to stand up and fight,
With every single ounce of might;
Before they lock us up 'n' shut off the lights.

By Raederle Phoenix

I Want

I want; I need:
You give; You Have.

By Raederle Phoenix
[Before I Met My Husband]

I need the essential sensuality,
I want the perfect personality.
I'll show you my hospitality,
If you'll treat me gentlemanly.

I'll give you love as your reward,
So don't come looking for awards.
My home isn't your personal ward,
Bring your sanity if you can afford

To buy me flowers and dinner,
For a true sign take this as a glimmer
Of hope, don't fret about being a sinner,
If you want to be the real winner;

Take me to the real girl parks,
Roller coasters and vicious snarks,
Hide behind the bushes for a quick lark,
with all your affection, sure to hit the mark.

I don't want gucci or gabbana,
You see what I really wanna
Have is your time, perhaps in a sauna.
Give me real food and a Honda.

Give me your essential sensuality,
Show me your perfect personality,
I'll give you all my honesty, my loyalty,
My love, kisses and all of my vitality.

Because I'm an old fashioned girl,
I want to clean and cook swirls.
I'll wear my hair straight or in curls,
Whatever you dare, that's how it unfurls.

I'm not in this for gluttony,
I want to be inside your discovery,
Of a girl unafraid of fantasy,
For your love you get ecstasy.

I'm looking for some inspiration,
Hard work and perspiration,
Be my muse for my creations,
The cause of all my elation.

Have no fear of betrayal,
Things won't ever get stale,
As long as we're learning together,
There's no reason for this to ever fail.

By Raederle Phoenix
[Before I Met My Husband]

Nothing but Names

Nothing but Names

By Raederle Phoenix


I am your lover, your slave.

I’m a typical woman to my grave.

I’m a bitch and a brat,

I’m as slick as a cat.

I’m pretty and plain, not fat.

I’m a trickster, not to be trusted.

You say a lot, until my heart is busted.

Held up so high, burned down and defy;

On praise and joy, yet another ploy.

I’m a lover, a slave, a liar to the grave.

I’m a bitch, a brat, a player, a cat.

I’m stupid, retarded, demented, twisted.

I’m the girl next door, nevermore.

Plain as the rain, easily slain.

You like me like this, you like me in pain.

I have everything to lose, everything to gain.

Go ahead, call me one more name.

I’m a lover, a slave, a bitch to the grave.

I’m a brat, a trickster, a woman, and I crave.

I’m stupid, twisted, demented, retarded.

I’m dirty. I’m crazy. I’m flirty. I’m lazy.

I’m a typical, lying bitch; words hazy.

A snake, a sliver, totally untrustworthy.

I’m alone picking a daisy.

He loves me, he love me not.

He loves me... Fuck – He loves me not.

I’m a girl, a babe, a sweety, a shorty.

I’m a brat, I’m a bitch, it’s all the same.

How come I’m nothing despite all my names?

By Raederle Phoenix West


Forest Community

Forest Community
By Raederle Phoenix

I want to rise at eleven,
in an elegant cottage in a wood,
and kickback by seven,
in a place too warm to worry about a hood.

I want to live in a real community,
where everyone is listening,
built around the trees and into small clearings,
where I'd lounge in the breeze never fearing.

I want to live in loving situations,
no smelly gas stations,
no crime situations, drugged sensations,
evil temptations, meaningless salutations,
racial degradations, and one night relations.

Yes, I want to live where it's sunny,
and where no one laughs when it's not funny.
I want to live where I can stop feeling crummy,
a place that doesn't rely on paper money.

I want to live in a cream organic village,
where no one would dream of theft or pillage;
I want to live where everyone stops to smile,
with hot springs, berry plots, and crocodiles.

I want to live where there are horses without flees,
where everyone has dreams and dirty knees,
where nobody needs keys, or master degrees,
where no one ever forgets to say "please."

I want to live without fear of demise,
I want to live where no one ever cries,
and instead of all of these depressing funerals,
we'll have grand parties when someone dies.

I want to live where I can hold my head high,
where everyone is gullible, because no one ever lies.

If everything were left to my whim,
I'd take down everything that is grim,
and replace it with something beautiful,
and cover the whole world with a flowered trim.

I want to live,
in a quiet little town,
where all can give,
with no mechanical sounds.

Let's live off the land.
Let's live where love is all that's grand.
Let's live where gold is like sand,
with none of society's bold demands.

Let's live without oil, trouble and toil.
Let's live without greed, toxins and addiction needs.
Let's live without politics, bloods and crypts.

Let's move somewhere far away,
Let's run to where I'd never say,
"I wish it could move somewhere sunny…
Somewhere where my nose was never runny."

By Raederle Phoenix
April 2006 – January 2011

Teenage Bull

Teenage Bull
by Raederle Phoenix

Bast has thrown a festival for my piety,

Seth has given me strength for the society,

Venus has brought my love out to pour,

Mars has enlisted me into a holy war!

Whirling, twirling, swirling, I'm dizzy and I'm curling,

into a ball, because I'm afraid to fall,

and I'm beginning to crawl,

I can't walk anymore,

I can't talk like before,

I'm changing, and I'm blaming,

you for me never being the same,

and I'm folding this paper into a crane,

the way you move your neck,

to see what I'm about to peck.

this berry, so sweet and red,

I'm twisting, turning, into a new fight,

Fisting, burning, into a new realm of sight,

Mist, learning, blurry and hazy,

Have I always been so lazy?

Have I always been so crazy?

I don't remember being a member

of this December weather.

I don't know how I always missed the flow,

and was looked on as a white crow.

I'm inside out, no longer any time to pout.

This is no time to flout.

But let me tell you what this is about...

I've made so many mistakes,

bigger than all of the great lakes,

and I'm telling you for goodness sake,

I have finally come to this great wake.

You know what you have seen,

such a blundering silly teen,

but no more of this sippy-cup,

it's time for me to finally grow up.


Raederle Phoenix

Rising From Ashes

Rising From Ashes
by Raederle Phoenix

I know this is really late,
and undoubtedly overdue;
But I finally feel that fate
brought me to do
Something I would hate
just the way I’m supposed to.

And at first I wasn’t certain,
wasn’t sure if it was right
to close the tattered curtain.
Yet in this new line of sight
I have a new perspective,
and the spirits calmed my plight.

I didn’t know if I was ready,
or if I had moved on,
But now that my heart is steady,
I know it’s not a con.
This weight has been heavy
on my heart, but anon:

Hearing the echo of the past,
in contrast to you song,
I’m glad what didn’t last
was making room for us all along.
My heart is beating so fast,
because I know what’s been wrong.

I wasn’t so sure that I had made
the right decision,
With you I was so afraid
that it was short lived collision
Just to make the pain fade,
to repeat my past transitions.

Now I’m so happy I know
that it wasn’t all in vein.
I was conditioned to the snow,
the ice, the callous game,
And you’ve set me free and so
I can be free of this pain.

At times I’ve been unsure,
and doubted my own reasons,
But I have adjusted; I prefer
the rhythm of your seasons,
You’ve got the stir
that I need to forgive my own treasons.

I sighed in contentment today
as I realized that you’re mine,
I bowed my head down to pray,
for you to be the one I dine
After I walk down the isle one day.
That would be more than okay.