Monday, January 3, 2011

The End

The End
by Raederle Phoenix
2005: Junior Year

Immaturity and insecurity,
stuck with these obsessions
of all my possessions.
I'm constantly making these confessions.

that I'm taking it too far.
even of a passing car.

I feel like my thoughts really are on a train;
from crane to insane to in my grave I'm lain.

sorted and deranged,
I'm feeling morbid.

You see red, but I see black.
When you say what you say,
I hear lies.
It defies all these lies by bringing it all to end,
so I can rest,
nothing more to defend,
put down my crest,
and just let me rest.

Just when I think it's over,
that's when I lend out my hand,
and it begins all over again.

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