Monday, January 3, 2011

I Want

I want; I need:
You give; You Have.

By Raederle Phoenix
[Before I Met My Husband]

I need the essential sensuality,
I want the perfect personality.
I'll show you my hospitality,
If you'll treat me gentlemanly.

I'll give you love as your reward,
So don't come looking for awards.
My home isn't your personal ward,
Bring your sanity if you can afford

To buy me flowers and dinner,
For a true sign take this as a glimmer
Of hope, don't fret about being a sinner,
If you want to be the real winner;

Take me to the real girl parks,
Roller coasters and vicious snarks,
Hide behind the bushes for a quick lark,
with all your affection, sure to hit the mark.

I don't want gucci or gabbana,
You see what I really wanna
Have is your time, perhaps in a sauna.
Give me real food and a Honda.

Give me your essential sensuality,
Show me your perfect personality,
I'll give you all my honesty, my loyalty,
My love, kisses and all of my vitality.

Because I'm an old fashioned girl,
I want to clean and cook swirls.
I'll wear my hair straight or in curls,
Whatever you dare, that's how it unfurls.

I'm not in this for gluttony,
I want to be inside your discovery,
Of a girl unafraid of fantasy,
For your love you get ecstasy.

I'm looking for some inspiration,
Hard work and perspiration,
Be my muse for my creations,
The cause of all my elation.

Have no fear of betrayal,
Things won't ever get stale,
As long as we're learning together,
There's no reason for this to ever fail.

By Raederle Phoenix
[Before I Met My Husband]

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