Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Start

New Start
by Raederle Phoenix
Junior Year

I'm an optimist, and my glass is half full...

I'm a lover,
I'm a sucker,
and I've taken the time to bother,
and take you in like a mother,
and you left,
and it'll turn out for the best,
for me at least,
you dirty beast,
you're loss,
shut up,
see who's boss,
and ...
I just don't care,
how it wasn't really fair,
and I'm just don't care,
the way I see you lookin' from over there,
and I just wont stare,
not anymore,
nothing more for you to score,
because what was before,
is now dead.
It's all been said,
and I've been led to see a new light,
and I've found it quite bright,
and everything is right,
even though you're out of sight.
I wont put up a fight,
and I wont come back.
Hit the sack,
and swallow a fact,
lay back,
type on this mac,
and see that I have all that I need,
right here to feed,
and breed a new seed
to lead a new generation of heart broken teens,
and sparkin' up fiends,
and here I am,
not giving a damn.
I've passed my own exam,
and I've come to find,
that I'm not so blind,
and I'm not so kind,
but I've come to find,
I love my own mind.

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