Monday, January 3, 2011

Nothing but Names

Nothing but Names

By Raederle Phoenix


I am your lover, your slave.

I’m a typical woman to my grave.

I’m a bitch and a brat,

I’m as slick as a cat.

I’m pretty and plain, not fat.

I’m a trickster, not to be trusted.

You say a lot, until my heart is busted.

Held up so high, burned down and defy;

On praise and joy, yet another ploy.

I’m a lover, a slave, a liar to the grave.

I’m a bitch, a brat, a player, a cat.

I’m stupid, retarded, demented, twisted.

I’m the girl next door, nevermore.

Plain as the rain, easily slain.

You like me like this, you like me in pain.

I have everything to lose, everything to gain.

Go ahead, call me one more name.

I’m a lover, a slave, a bitch to the grave.

I’m a brat, a trickster, a woman, and I crave.

I’m stupid, twisted, demented, retarded.

I’m dirty. I’m crazy. I’m flirty. I’m lazy.

I’m a typical, lying bitch; words hazy.

A snake, a sliver, totally untrustworthy.

I’m alone picking a daisy.

He loves me, he love me not.

He loves me... Fuck – He loves me not.

I’m a girl, a babe, a sweety, a shorty.

I’m a brat, I’m a bitch, it’s all the same.

How come I’m nothing despite all my names?

By Raederle Phoenix West


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