Monday, January 3, 2011

Rising From Ashes

Rising From Ashes
by Raederle Phoenix

I know this is really late,
and undoubtedly overdue;
But I finally feel that fate
brought me to do
Something I would hate
just the way I’m supposed to.

And at first I wasn’t certain,
wasn’t sure if it was right
to close the tattered curtain.
Yet in this new line of sight
I have a new perspective,
and the spirits calmed my plight.

I didn’t know if I was ready,
or if I had moved on,
But now that my heart is steady,
I know it’s not a con.
This weight has been heavy
on my heart, but anon:

Hearing the echo of the past,
in contrast to you song,
I’m glad what didn’t last
was making room for us all along.
My heart is beating so fast,
because I know what’s been wrong.

I wasn’t so sure that I had made
the right decision,
With you I was so afraid
that it was short lived collision
Just to make the pain fade,
to repeat my past transitions.

Now I’m so happy I know
that it wasn’t all in vein.
I was conditioned to the snow,
the ice, the callous game,
And you’ve set me free and so
I can be free of this pain.

At times I’ve been unsure,
and doubted my own reasons,
But I have adjusted; I prefer
the rhythm of your seasons,
You’ve got the stir
that I need to forgive my own treasons.

I sighed in contentment today
as I realized that you’re mine,
I bowed my head down to pray,
for you to be the one I dine
After I walk down the isle one day.
That would be more than okay.

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