Monday, January 3, 2011


by Raederle Phoenix
2005; Junior Year

Emptiness where there once was perfection.
I had been the selection, turned the wrong direction
and at this election I was cast away.
Needless to say in this;
dark, stale, bleak, musty room.
Stark, pale, weak, dusty gloom.
I remember the red moon,
the dark beach,
holding you like a leach.

Walking through this void of emotion,
and this lack of devotion.
Throwing myself away,
I woke up to another dreary day.
It was all as if to say,
“hey, you try, you cry,
and you try again,
but no matter what,
you’re just falling in a rut.”
With that thought,
you’re wanna give up,
give in, dig in and dig out
and wail about,
and down comes my sail,
the boat sinks...

I’m at the edge of a cliff inside my mind,
I’m just walking around blind.
Then, inside the nullified insides there is a red spark as his lips touch mine,
and the blade is removed, and the emotions are reproved.
I no longer care,
because I’ve got something more than fair.

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