Monday, January 3, 2011

Teenage Bull

Teenage Bull
by Raederle Phoenix

Bast has thrown a festival for my piety,

Seth has given me strength for the society,

Venus has brought my love out to pour,

Mars has enlisted me into a holy war!

Whirling, twirling, swirling, I'm dizzy and I'm curling,

into a ball, because I'm afraid to fall,

and I'm beginning to crawl,

I can't walk anymore,

I can't talk like before,

I'm changing, and I'm blaming,

you for me never being the same,

and I'm folding this paper into a crane,

the way you move your neck,

to see what I'm about to peck.

this berry, so sweet and red,

I'm twisting, turning, into a new fight,

Fisting, burning, into a new realm of sight,

Mist, learning, blurry and hazy,

Have I always been so lazy?

Have I always been so crazy?

I don't remember being a member

of this December weather.

I don't know how I always missed the flow,

and was looked on as a white crow.

I'm inside out, no longer any time to pout.

This is no time to flout.

But let me tell you what this is about...

I've made so many mistakes,

bigger than all of the great lakes,

and I'm telling you for goodness sake,

I have finally come to this great wake.

You know what you have seen,

such a blundering silly teen,

but no more of this sippy-cup,

it's time for me to finally grow up.


Raederle Phoenix

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