Monday, January 3, 2011

Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality
by Raederle Phoenix

standing before society,
watching the confusion,
observing the diffusion,
coming to crying-conclusions from your high-solutions,
and dying-delusions.
Here you sigh,
cause you don’t wanna here my,
anthem, my mottos,
stuck in the ghetto without the frow,
without the flow,
and you want me to go.

defy your wishes of sleeping,
let me spring something deep,
let it creep,
and crawl into you,
sprawl in your mind,
drawl into your kind.
You’ll find that I’m not as blind as your stereotypes prove.
Hearing, “dyke move,” n’ “you’re cool, but you ain’t got no groove.”

I’ll take the brunt of it, s'all full of it.
Rage rising,
and turn the page,
and at this stage fire pours out of a hole in time,
and gap that is mine,
a void,
a sign.
Sign of change,
out of this derange will come a salvation for the repressed thoughts fighting to be expressed.
It’s a mess out there,
but under the hair,
the skull,
inside the mind,
you can find,
something worth saying,
something worth praying for,
something more,
for humans as a whole to endure and come to adore.
Let the beauty of it soar,
because this is what I’m living for.

The flames from the void grow.
It has no vocabulary, it’s sedentary,
but it knows all the words,
and lives so lively in each being,
each organism living on these truisms that this thing is.
You can’t touch it,
you can’t understand it,
and yet you are it.
Lights and energies,
with no enemies,
no wars,
nothing before,
nothing after,
no time,
nothing to find,
this perfect communication,
is the worlds salvation.
It’s been here since before creation,
and it lives in divination,
with a huge deviation.

Misplaced, erased and defaced this common familiarity
and replaced it with sincerity
and intensity
of this discrepancy
that would be so easily avoided if you could see what I see,
and discuss over some bud tea.
No more one way conversations,
as comes true communication,
and substantial salutations.
This world of perfection is made of energies,
lights so bright,
something beyond mortal sight,
beyond this physical fights.
This is something really quite spectacular,
this is the universal vernacular.

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