Monday, January 3, 2011

Can't Relate

Can't Relate

by Raederle Phoenix

2005: Junior Year

You probably can't relate,
You probably think I'm outspoken,
You'll probably be late,
You'll probably leave me broken.
It's not okay. I'm not well.
I'm alone and miserable.
And you can't even tell.

I know you can't relate,
I know you think I'm outspoken,
You are always late,
You always leave me broken.
It's never okay and never well.
I'm alone and I'm so miserable.
Can't you tell?

You don't relate.
You've left me broken.
You're too late.
I've already spoken.
I'm okay, I'm well.
You're alone, you're miserable.
Revenge was inevitable,
Couldn't you tell?

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