Monday, January 3, 2011

Forest Community

Forest Community
By Raederle Phoenix

I want to rise at eleven,
in an elegant cottage in a wood,
and kickback by seven,
in a place too warm to worry about a hood.

I want to live in a real community,
where everyone is listening,
built around the trees and into small clearings,
where I'd lounge in the breeze never fearing.

I want to live in loving situations,
no smelly gas stations,
no crime situations, drugged sensations,
evil temptations, meaningless salutations,
racial degradations, and one night relations.

Yes, I want to live where it's sunny,
and where no one laughs when it's not funny.
I want to live where I can stop feeling crummy,
a place that doesn't rely on paper money.

I want to live in a cream organic village,
where no one would dream of theft or pillage;
I want to live where everyone stops to smile,
with hot springs, berry plots, and crocodiles.

I want to live where there are horses without flees,
where everyone has dreams and dirty knees,
where nobody needs keys, or master degrees,
where no one ever forgets to say "please."

I want to live without fear of demise,
I want to live where no one ever cries,
and instead of all of these depressing funerals,
we'll have grand parties when someone dies.

I want to live where I can hold my head high,
where everyone is gullible, because no one ever lies.

If everything were left to my whim,
I'd take down everything that is grim,
and replace it with something beautiful,
and cover the whole world with a flowered trim.

I want to live,
in a quiet little town,
where all can give,
with no mechanical sounds.

Let's live off the land.
Let's live where love is all that's grand.
Let's live where gold is like sand,
with none of society's bold demands.

Let's live without oil, trouble and toil.
Let's live without greed, toxins and addiction needs.
Let's live without politics, bloods and crypts.

Let's move somewhere far away,
Let's run to where I'd never say,
"I wish it could move somewhere sunny…
Somewhere where my nose was never runny."

By Raederle Phoenix
April 2006 – January 2011

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